Leaving aside the amount of air pollution a vehicle creates, there are many technology improvements that are being made to give a smooth and safe ride for       the mankind.

One such addition is the Government of India approved AIS140 GPS Tracking Device.

What is so exceptional about this AIS140 GPS device?

The features present in AIS140 GPS Device are certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and also blankets quintessential points like Reservation Management, Passenger Information, Safety and Security.


1. Fix it easily

This device can be installed easily in your vehicle and is not any rocket science which is the first and foremost quality required in any device.

2. Now you see me

Allows the location to be pinpointed in real time or time to time with utmost accuracy and speed which is exactly why we use any GPS device for.

3. Impressive memory power

Can you believe this device can store up to 5000 pieces of data? In fact this device allows you to access information about the past tracking record not just the real time details.

4. Emergency!

The SOS Emergency option allows you to make quick calls in case you are stuck in an emergency.

5. Alarms during alarming situations

Just in case you get carried away and go beyond the speed limit, this device will act like a traffic police to notify you about the speed, power off and geo-fence.

6. Door indication

There is a possibility that the rear door of your vehicle is open and you aren’t aware of it. This device sends you an instant signal if your door is not closed.

7. Offline data

You don’t need internet facility to access the data and this is applicable upto 7 days of offline data.

8. Dustproof and Waterproof

When you are travelling on a rainy day or in a rough environment that involves a lot of smoke this device will not abandon you as it is dust and waterproof.

Who needs AIS140 GPS device in India?

* Buses that are both Private and State Government owned

* Taxies that are self driven or rental

* School and college buses.

So what are you waiting for? Install AIS140 GPS device and go on a joy ride!