Imagine you’ve parked your Brand New Honda City in a crowded parking lot of a mall. You come back after shopping and you’re not able to locate your car. That will give you a panic attack. Right?

If that is the case, what if there is a device that helps you locate where exactly you’ve parked your car? This might help you reach your car quickly and save you from a lot of trouble. The best part? You don’t have to carry this device wherever you go because it is a plug and play.

What are plug and play devices?

The Plug and Play or popularly called the PnP is the device that has the ability to be fixed into a component and helps the user in recognizing that the device is present. Basically, in a vehicle, it is used to locate a hardware component to which the PnP is plugged without the intervention of the user.

The known examples of Plug and Play devices are Keyboard and mouse of a desktop computer. It is connected to the computer system externally and does internal functions.

Where do you fix this device?

It is present in your vehicle; you just need to look for it, called as OBD.The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) is a system that acts as a connecting bridge between external electronic components and a vehicle’s computer system. The OBD connector is present in almost every cars manufactured nowadays that is located below the steering or in the dashboard for better visibility.

So does this device only help us locate the car? No. It has many other uses too.

Some plug and play devices can be used to power up your electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. The best example is the Concox HVT001 that can be used as a GPS Tracker as well as a mobile phone charger.

The improved version of Plug and Play devices come with exciting benefits like real-time tracking, speed alerts, movement history, etc.

OBD_FleetTrackThe real-time tracking option helps you in locating your friends and family who are present in a moving vehicle. The speed alerts can be used to set speed limits of your vehicle, it sends a message whenever you exceed from your speed limit thus saving you from accidents. If you missed tracking the real-time movement of the car, you can use the movement history option to know where your car has travelled so far.

Thus a plug and play device is your rescuer in many real-life situations.

To put it simply, you fix it (Plug and Play device) to fix it (the problem).